Workplace - Uhlig Reflection

Our workplace is designed to give the most productive possible environment for our most important investment: our employees.

Because we focus so much attention
on finding and investing in our
employees, perhaps the most
important feature of our workplace

When new
employees come
to Uhlig to
pursue large
ideas, they find
just as much to
savor in the
small details.
is the unique and enormously
talented group
of colleagues
that are to be
found in every
department and
every position.
Just as great
ideas tend to
foster even better ideas, it is our experience that great people tend to bring out the best in each other.

We know that the choice of a workplace is a major life decision, and that the kind of person we want to work with will have questions – specific questions – before joining a new company. That is why we make the investment we do in our working environment, and why, when new employees come to Uhlig to pursue large ideas, they find just as much to savor in the small details.

Workplace - Uhlig entryway

Since Uhlig was founded, it has
been an important workplace
principle that every employee
receives the best hardware and
software tools, and the most inviting
working environment we can create
– investments that help explain our
high rates of staff retention and
internal advancement.

When it comes to your working life, every detail matters. From the quality

of the light and the angle of your chair, to the quality of the schools and the availability of great medical care for your children, we know that countless factors go into making the perfect working experience.

At Uhlig, the most valuable part of our company is our employees, and we continually invest in new ways to help them optimize their time, explore their ideas, and improve their skills. That is why we have devoted so much time, thought and technology to giving our employees the most productive environment possible, from the latest workstation software and connectivity to educational opportunities to priority healthcare access.

Workplace - Hoover Dam

“When people believe in
themselves, it’s amazing
what they can accomplish.”

— Sam Walton