If you are a resourceful,
motivated person who
is looking for a position
that will challenge your

skills, fuel your creativity and reward your hard work, we may have an opportunity for you.

Whether you are a newly minted computer science graduate, your family’s resident grammar expert, or a gifted salesperson who is looking for a chance to make your mark, we will welcome the chance to consider you for our company.

The hiring process at Uhlig is what you would expect from a company where employees tend to come and stay for their entire careers. That is to say, we will take your application very seriously, evaluate your skills thoroughly, and make our decisions as though the company depends on them – because it does.

In our hiring, we do not recognize distinctions based on gender, race, age, religion, sexual orientation or national origin. We do, however, put unapologetic emphasis on those characteristics that matter, like diligence, honesty, ingenuity, kindness, discipline and drive. We look for specialized strengths, like software experience and technical aptitude. But we also look for the timeless skills of the professional workplace: spelling, writing, prioritizing and problem-solving.

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Our hiring process is more
intensive than that at other
companies, but successful
candidates know that we have
made a careful choice to invest
in their careers (above top).

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Opportunities Spotlight

Opportunities Spotlight


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We could explain the reasons that Uhlig is an unusually progressive company, where women are able to compete on an absolutely equal footing with their male colleagues. Or we could just point out that five out of the company’s six operating divisions are led by women. No targets, no preferences – just talent, opportunity, and well-deserved advancement.

Every successful applicant can
expect to be interviewed and tested
over several visits, culminating in a
panel interview with members of the
company’s executive team, including

We look for specialized strengths, as
well as the
timeless skills of
the professional
spelling, writing,
prioritizing and
the chief executive officer. We know that the process is more intensive than at other companies, and we know that less motivated candidates may find it burden-some. But you can also know that, if you are chosen, it is because we have made a careful, informed decision to invest in you and your career, and that we will do everything we can to help you succeed.

opportunities - women at uhlig opportunities - women at uhlig

Full Time Opportunities

Customer Support Specialist

Our Customer Support Specialists maintain and expand relationships with clients across the country, providing them with ongoing support for our web-based products. Customer Support Specialists develop an intimate understanding of our clients’ needs in order to anticipate concerns and provide solutions.

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Helpdesk Specialist

Our Helpdesk Specialists provide mission-critical end-user support for internal staff on machines ranging from standard operating system implementations to more complex audio-visual, digital artist and software developer configurations.

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Junior Staff Accountant

Our Junior Staff Accountants are responsible for processing accounts payable transactions, preparing journal entries, reviewing and processing expense reports, performing bank reconciliations and other duties as assigned.

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National Account Executive

National Account Executives market our industry-leading communication solutions to senior living communities and management companies across the United States and Canada.

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“Your future depends
on many things,
mostly on you.”

— Frank Tyger