From a business perspective, one of the most powerful benefits

of our communications solutions is their ability to reduce and manage risk.

By creating transparency and enabling end-to-end control of complex processes, our multichannel tools can help ensure compliance with even the most complex legal and regulatory requirements.

From fair housing compliance and home resale disclosures to patient privacy and drug compliance, our solutions are designed to deliver comprehensive risk management. In many cases, such as in our market-leading safety applications for

legal - child at window with window guards legal - lead paint

Our safety and risk mitigation
products save lives, reduce labor,
and minimize liability even in
complex legal environments
involving multiple governing
authorities and agencies (above).

All our solutions are designed to
reduce administrative overhead
and eliminate burdensome
workflows (below).

legal - super intendent
legal - firefighters

Compliance with residential fire
safety regulations has become an
increasing source of complexity
and risk in urban and suburban
settings alike (above).

New York City property managers,
the entire purpose of our solutions
is to manage risk and deliver
reliable, measurable improvements
in compliance and legal exposure.
In a fast-changing and demanding
legal environment, the reductions

Our multi-
channel tools
can help ensure
compliance with
even the most
complex legal
and regulatory
in risk provided
by our multi-
solutions yield
gains in
efficiency and
They also
represent a
fundamental tool of business competition, giving our customers a powerful advantage that no traditional approach can match.

legal - courtroom

In the event of litigation, the
comprehensive audit trails and
searchable online archiving offered
by our solutions can eliminate
millions of dollars in cost and
encourage early settlement (above).

“A ship is safe in
but that's not
what ships are for.”

— William G. T. Shedd