Despite enormous
advances in marketing
and communications
over the last century –

especially the development of internet marketing – those benefits have remained largely inaccessible to small and local businesses. Even though those businesses account for roughly 99 percent of all business entities and 45 percent of the United States’ GDP, most cannot afford the cost of traditional media or invest the time and resources required to master digital tools for their limited customer bases.

Because all retail sales are
inherently local, our integrated,
multichannel platform offers the
ideal solution for capturing the
broadest benefits of advanced
marketing. By permitting seamless

Our platform
offers the ideal solution for capturing the broad benefits
of advanced marketing.
of print,
digital and
mobile tools,
our technology
reduces the cost
of multichannel
communications, and is equally affordable and effective for large multi-location chains and single-owner startups alike.

Photo: Victoria Short
retail-tailor retail-shopkeeper

Our technology platform combines the power and efficiency of software-based creation and delivery with the individualized attention that has long been the hallmark of great retail service (above).


By combining the broadest range
of marketing capabilities in a
convenient, turnkey platform, we
let our retail customers get back
to what they do best (above).

More important even than the efficiencies offered by the Uhlig platform are its deep content resources, and its ability to target all campaigns on a customer-specific basis. Whether you are trying to reach an audience of two million prospects or just a single customer, our tools will give you the competitive edge you need to ensure that your small business doesn’t stay small for long.

retail - florist

With great tools for influencing
seasonal sales, our solutions
can reduce waste and drive
profits (above).

Our integrated, cross-media
solutions can convert walk-in
guests into recurring online
customers (below).

retail - pizza
retail - bakery

“The odds of going to
the store for
a loaf of
bread and coming out
with only
a loaf of bread
are three billion to one.”

— Erma Bombeck