In a world filled with economic trade-offs,

it is common to hear the refrain that creativity and expression must be sacrificed in the name of efficiency.
We strongly disagree.

At Uhlig, we do not restrict creativity for the sake of cost – just the opposite. Our solutions are designed to eliminate time-consuming tasks so that more creative energy can be devoted to those parts of work – and life – that really count.

Now recognized as one of the
great geniuses of French Post-
Impressionism, Henri Rousseau
(1844-1910), is also known as Le
Douanier (the customs officer),
because for many years he could
not support himself as an artist,
and worked until age 49 as a toll
collector (above).

Fact Focused
Planned & Orderly
Math & Science


Once outlawed as politically subversive, elaborate masks have been a distinctive feature of the Carnival of Venice for more than 850 years (above).

For a corporate marketing manager,
our solutions mean getting to
spend time on original artwork and
writing rather than tedious technical
rules and press checks. For busy

At Uhlig, we
do not restrict
creativity for
the sake of cost
– just the opposite.
departments, our
solutions mean
a chance to
spend more time
results rather
than compiling them. For caring doctors and nurses, our solutions mean more time to discuss treatment options, and less time tracking down paperwork and patient records.

We use our skills and imagination to give our customers more time to use theirs. That’s what we consider a great creative partnership.

Complex patterns, soaring arches and circular domes have been hallmarks of Islamic architecture since the time of Mohammed in the early 7th century (above).

“Imagination is
It is the
preview of life's
coming attractions.”

— Albert Einstein