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Many technology providers
have built their business around
tracking and surveilling their users,
collecting up to 75,000 data points
per consumer.

At Uhlig, we believe that the protection of individual rights and privacy is a fundamental pillar of our free society, and that it cannot be placed at risk in the name of expediency or commercial gain. On the contrary, both as a matter of private responsibility and public policy, we believe that the protection of privacy must be a central priority of every product, every technology and every service we provide.

We believe that our customers
are entitled to rely on us to protect

We believe that the protection of privacy must be a central priority of every product, every technology and every service we provide. their interests –
not to read
their emails,
surveil their relationships, track their movements or sell data that they have given us in confidence. Whether in industries such as healthcare, where legal protections are formally mandated, or in areas ranging from residential housing to retail transactions, we invest heavily in our abilities to protect our customers’ privacy and information as if they were our own.

Our commitment to privacy extends throughout our company, from our technology and systems to our employee training and workplace culture. Above all, however, it proceeds from a shared conviction that our own success will be measured by the degree to which we reinforce and build upon the foundations of our society, and earn – in our every action and decision – the trust our customers place in us.

One of the most
pervasive and
dangerous myths
about modern web-
based technologies is

the idea that their advantages can only be obtained by forfeiting such cherished personal rights as the right to privacy and the right to control one’s own personal information. Frequently portrayed as an unavoidable price of progress, this purported trade-off is in truth a result of simple commercial greed, and the failure of legal protections to keep up with the rapid pace of innovation, from data collection to search algorithms to social networking.

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Our solutions are designed to
provide the benefits of highly
targeted information while
protecting the trust our customers
place in us, particularly in sensitive
areas such as medical care (above).

Privacy - Garden

“A man’s most open
have a secret
side to them.”

— Joseph Conrad