The intellectual skills
and resourcefulness
that drive innovation

are not acquired rapidly, but rather are a product of a lifetime of curiosity, discipline and thought. That's why Uhlig is committed to recognizing talent and educational achievement, and to identifying and supporting the new generations of leaders who will shape our company and our nation in the decades ahead.

From professional development
programs to paid internships to
merit-based scholarships, we

We consider
it a privilege
to invest in
the minds
that will
continue to
reinvent our
consider it a
privilege to invest
in the minds that
will continue to
reinvent our
industry –
both inside our
company and in
the many other fields that intersect with our own. While we of course have special affinity for such areas as journalism, design, linguistics and computer science, the breadth of our support

Whether in an Ivy League
classroom or a client’s meeting
room, we know that the value
of learning never ends.

matches the range of our company’s interests. Our goal in every case is simply to encourage excellence, with no obligation or expectation of any benefit in return.

To ensure that we are strictly impartial in our efforts to recognize exceptional achievement, we have joined together with nationally recognized institutions such as the National Merit Scholarship Corporation to identify and compare potential recipients. Once promising candidates have been identified, we then look beyond formal criteria to ensure that our final decisions consider the totality of each candidate’s achievements, character and potential.

Finally, because every one of us at Uhlig owes our own skills and opportunities to selfless parents, teachers and mentors, we deeply appreciate the importance of passing those gifts on to others. Whether through our professional internships, our innovation prizes, our professional development grants, or simply through the quick exchange of an idea after a meeting, all of us understand that the value of learning – and the privilege of teaching – never ends.

The Uhlig Merit Scholarships may
be used to support college study in
a broad range of fields. In addition
to the general scholarships, the
company provides a scholarship to
every child of a Uhlig staff member
who is named a National Merit Finalist.

Uhlig Merit Scholarships

To identify and support exceptional high school graduates, Uhlig has partnered with the National Merit Scholarship Corporation to create the National Merit Uhlig LLC Scholarship Program. Awarded to high school seniors in Kansas on the basis of their test scores and academic record, the scholarships may be used to support college study in fields as diverse as computer science, biology, communications, graphic art, archaeology and ancient languages.

Uhlig Staff Merit Scholarships

In addition to our broader merit scholarships, Uhlig also provides a National Merit Uhlig LLC Scholarship to every child of a Uhlig employee who is named a National Merit Finalist on the basis of the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. The scholarships may be used to support any accredited course of college or graduate study.

Uhlig Digital Art Awards

To recognize exceptional talent and creativity in digital art and video communication, Uhlig sponsors monthly awards for Outstanding Achievement in Digital Art. Winners of these awards receive an honorarium of $1,000, as well as an engraved crystal trophy, and may be featured in our Digital Art Gallery. Video artists who are interested in being considered for this award may submit a link to their original work by following the instructions at our submissions page.

Uhlig Science Journalism Internships

Writing for a national publication ranks among the most difficult kinds of experience to gain as a student. That is why we sponsor professional internships – at full salary – for exceptional college students who are allowed to work as staff writers for our medical publishing division. During their tenure, our science journalism interns work under the supervision of our nationally recognized editorial staff, and receive byline credits for their published work.

Uhlig Innovation Prizes

Throughout the year, Uhlig holds innovation competitions that award cash prizes and other recognition to members of our staff who contribute original ideas for improving our products, better serving our customers, creating efficiencies and enhancing our working environment. Over the last decade, these ideas have saved millions of dollars and resulted in dozens of important products and product enhancements.

Uhlig Professional Development Grants

We believe that education is a lifelong quest that can never be allowed to stop, even in the middle of a busy professional career. That is why all Uhlig employees are eligible to apply for company-sponsored professional development grants that reimburse expenses for additional college-level courses, software training, certifications – even returning to college to qualify for entirely new positions within the company.

“The learning process is
something you
can incite,
literally incite, like a riot.”

— Audre Lorde