The same technologies that permit us to bring unprecedented new value to the industries

we serve also present unprecedented challenges to the security of the data, images and content we manage. By reducing vast quantities of information to electronic data that require virtually no physical space, and permitting their transfer across continents in milliseconds, advanced technologies transform the possibilities not only of communication, but of wrongdoing
as well.


The implications of these double-edged capabilities are profound, and have led us to match each new innovation with carefully considered measures to keep our customers’ data and intellectual property safe, despite the ever-escalating threats of spyware, malware, phishing and external attack.

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Man's quest for security is as old as
the human race, and has included
such elaborate undertakings as the
Terracotta Warriors, life-size pottery
warriors and horses arranged in
battle formations. The figures were
buried in 210-209 B.C.E. with Qin
Shi Huang, the first Emperor of all
China, for the purpose of protecting
him in the afterlife (above).

In protecting our servers and data, Uhlig works closely with internal and external auditors and security consultants, and has also worked closely with some of the nation’s most accomplished forensic digital analysts in identifying and preventing potential data breaches. To review and manage potential risks to the intellectual property of our systems and our clients’ content, we also work closely with internal and external legal counsel, who continuously review and We make security an integral part of our operations from start
to finish, knowing that our vigilance must never lapse.
strengthen our policies in light of the rapidly changing legal and regulatory environments that govern our work.


From detailed electronic review and validation of complex reader-specific documents to our highly trained on-site security staff of law-enforcement professionals, we make security an integral part of our operations from start to finish. We do so knowing that our vigilance must never lapse, that our skills must continuously improve, and that the most important security test that we must pass is the one that will
come tomorrow.

Advanced technologies have transformed the possibilities of communication, and have  transformed the risks of wrongdoing as well.

“It is the business

of the future

to be dangerous.”


— Alfred North Whitehead

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