With an unprecedented
75 million Americans retiring during the next
20 years, there has never

been a greater need for innovative, effective solutions devoted to seniors,
their families and their caregivers.


That is why Uhlig has developed the leading suite of print and digital communications solutions for the senior living industry. Serving seven out of ten of the nation’s top senior living management groups and more than 3,500 senior communities in the United States and Canada, our solutions provide an essential connection and peace of mind for families who have entrusted those communities with the care of their elderly parents and loved ones.


Research has shown that
cognitive activities, from playing
chess to reading the newspaper,
have a direct effect on mental
health in seniors (above).

Approximately 29% of American seniors own a digital tablet or
e-reader, and 59% of seniors
use the Internet (above).

By 2030, roughly one in every five Americans, or 72 million people, will be 65 years of age
or older (left).

Our solutions provide peace
of mind for families who have entrusted our clients with the care of their elderly loved ones.
Combining rich content resources with powerful cross-media technologies, our solutions support the full range of continuing care services, from independent living to skilled nursing to memory care. Above all, they convey our respect and gratitude to the seniors we serve, and our shared commitment to make every day meaningful, at every stage of life.

"Age is an issue of mind over
matter. If you don't mind,

it doesn't matter."


— Mark Twain

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