Each of us is indelibly
shaped by our living
space, and all that
goes along with it –

from neighbors to schools to favorite restaurants, not to mention the roughly 80 percent of personal spending that occurs within 10 miles of home.


The powerful impact of residential choices is the reason that we at Uhlig have worked for more than 20 years to provide the most comprehensive set of communication solutions for the Our solutions
cover the entire
spectrum of residential needs.
residential real estate market. Used by more than 12,000 residential communities throughout North America, those innovative tools have helped to redefine the industries they serve, creating new value and capturing unprecedented savings for residents, managers and property owners alike.

The number of Americans living in
common-interest communities has
grown from 2.1 million to 65.7 million –
a 30-fold increase (above).

From mobile applications for multifamily communities to lender processing for high-rise condominiums, our solutions
cover the entire spectrum of residential needs. We take personal pride in meeting those challenges – because, after all, when we go home at night, we’re all residents too.


Changing U.S. demographics and
lifestyle preferences have resulted in
a shift toward multifamily housing, as
single-family home ownership has
fallen to 64.7% – the lowest rate since
1995 (above).

Ensuring Fair Housing compliance
has always been a central priority of our industry-leading communications solutions (right).

"Houses are like people,

some you like and some you don't like,
and once in a while there is one you love."


— L. M. Montgomery

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