In no other area of
our work do we bring
greater passion and
commitment than in

our solutions for medicine and scientific research, where the power of our multichannel technologies and
deep content resources can offer transformative tools and empowerment to patients facing life-threatening diseases such as cancer.

The complexities of the clinical environment and the speed
and variety of information required make our cross-media tools essential in communicating with patients in an acute-care context (above top and center).

Approximately 1.67 million new
cancer patients are diagnosed in
the United States each year, and
13.7 million living Americans
have been diagnosed or treated
for cancer (above).

Bringing together a renowned team of medical experts, providers and patient advocates from the United States and around the world, our medical division is devoted to providing each patient with the timely, effective and authoritative support Our medical
division is devoted
to providing each patient with the timely,  effective and authoritative support required
to ensure the best possible outcome.
required to ensure the best possible outcome – as defined not only by scientific protocols, but by the patient’s personal wishes and values.


By organizing and informing the complex choices involved in the treatment of acute illness, our patient-specific tools offer critical support to medical providers and researchers as well as the patients they serve. From patient engagement to side-effect management to clinical trial recruitment, our solutions are designed to address all elements of the treatment process, promoting the teamwork and common purpose that is the highest expression of compassionate care.

"Once you choose hope,
anything's possible."


— Christopher Reeve

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