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Among the fastest-growing markets for Uhlig’s cross-media

communication technologies is
the financial industry, where the
introduction of web-based statement and invoice production, electronic bill presentment and digital payment tools have literally transformed centuries of tradition in just a few short years.


Our solutions are particularly well-suited for financial applications because they are designed from the start to incorporate the highest standards of security, content validation, privacy and reliability, and they seamlessly integrate print and digital delivery tools.

Driven by electronic bills and
payments, the volume of First Class
items delivered by the U.S. Postal
Service declined from 104 billion
pieces in 2001 to 66 billion pieces
in 2013 (above).


Despite this shift, the volume of
currency in circulation has continued
to rise, reaching 34.5 billion notes
in 2013, with new notes costing an
average of 10 cents apiece to print (right).

Inadequate cash-flow management is the most common source of business failure (above).

Uhlig has also pioneered many market-specific payment tools and outsourcing structures. Those innovations permit our Our innovations permit our customers to enjoy the fullest benefits of
their cash-flow.
customers to enjoy the fullest benefits of their cash-flow, while leaving the accounting and administrative responsibilities
to us.


Combined with our custom reporting capabilities, that translates into the truest measure of financial success: peace of mind.

"People say that money is not the key to happiness,

but I always figured if you have enough money,

you can have a key made."


— Joan Rivers

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